And we’re the best.

It’s rare to meet people who truly love what they do and are great at it, and even rarer to meet three at the same time. That’s how we felt when we met each other. The more we started talking, the more we knew we had to make something happen, and here we are.

CMsquared is a construction management company that represents the best of us – Carl (Rod), Matt and Mark. We started this company with the mission to – keep it true – and part of that means if we are true to ourselves, we give the best to our clients. Here’s a little more about what makes us tick.

Rod Weider


If you are looking for a good place to eat and drink in Cincinnati, chances are Rod’s behind the construction. Rod brings 13 years of experience and over $70 million worth of projects to CMsquared, primarily in the restaurant and entertainment space. He is the author of our mission – keep it true – because of his commitment and conviction to making things right, regardless of the situation. He’s our field guy and our relationships guy – a seasoned veteran in field management, scheduling, coordination, quality control, and most importantly managing great relationships. He really is one of those people whose passion for delivering quality products comes through when you speak to him. Rod believes that a quality end result starts with identifying problems and maintenance issues prior to build-out, and he works with all parties to ensure those issues are resolved before dirt starts moving. Rod’s major projects include Kaze in OTR,  Jeff Ruby’s in Louisville, The Lackman in OTR, Sundry and Vice, Court Street Lobster Bar, and multiple projects for Gorilla Glue. Rod graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management. He lives in Anderson Township with his wife and two sons.                   

Matt Sallee


Matt brings almost 15 years of experience and over $150 million worth of successful projects to the table at CMsquared. His strengths include team building and creating collaborative environments where everyone (that means everyone) can contribute. As a result, Matt has developed a track record for resolving conflicts on the job long before they escalate to problems that could gridlock projects. Matt has experience across multiple types of projects including education, entertainment and retail – most notably Lower Price Hill Community School, the Wright Patterson Air Force Base C5 hangar, 10 Graeter’s retail locations in six cities, and bars and entertainment areas at Great American Ballpark and Paul Brown Stadium. He has served on the board and volunteered with Community Matters, with a focus on preparing people for GED certification and early college credits. Matt graduated from THE University of Tennessee (see what he is doing there, Buckeye fans?) with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. A Cincinnati native, he lives in Anderson Township with his wife and two sons.

Mark Kendall

mark Kendall

Mark brings almost 15 years of experience and over $300 million worth of projects to the table at CMsquared. He has a versatile background in senior living, multi-family, healthcare, higher education and historic renovation. Mark is a LEED accredited professional and has delivered four LEED-certified projects. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the University of Florida (Go Gators!), and ultimately realized he loved building a little bit more than designing. His ability to understand plans and bridge the communication gap between architects and contractors is one of his strengths, as well as his adaptability and talent for managing highly complex design projects. His most notable projects include the NASCAR Hall of Fame, Duke University Law School renovation and medical building concourse, and Cintrifuse. Mark’s dad was in the Navy. As a child he lived abroad and all over the U.S. from Virginia Beach to San Diego. His military upbringing serves as the foundation for his discipline and adaptability.  Mark previously owned another contracting business in Florida, but was lured to Cincinnati to marry his wife, a Cincinnati native. He has three sons and a daughter and lives in Anderson Township.

A little more about our Mission

You’ve heard stories about the ideas that get started in the dorm room, out of someone’s garage or from a sketch on the back of a napkin…the story behind our mission statement is very similar. We were standing around Mark’s kitchen after dinner one night, kicking words and ideas around about what makes us different. We kept coming back to themes around honesty, open book, “what you see is what you get.” The idea that when we are our true selves – our best selves – and bring that to work, that’s how we win for our clients. For our clients, working with us means none of the politics and layers and levels that come with other companies. We kept coming back to the word true – truing it up and making things right, and “keep it real,” and Rod had this light bulb moment with “Keep it True.” We scribbled it on an old shopping list and now it’s memorialized on this website. For us, “Keep it True” really does mean being true to your goals and being honest with you – about your project and the costs, what’s happening in real time. It also means you are getting the “true” versions of us – a passionate, energetic team who is committed to doing right by you, because doing right by you means ultimately doing right by us and our families.